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Tango T600: It takes two, fast

It's billed as "the world's fastest urban car."

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It's billed as "the world's fastest urban car." And while we're not entirely sure how the Tango T600 two-seater on display here at SEMA gains that distinction, the narrow electric-powered kit car does have some notable performance figures. According to Commuter Cars Corporation, its Washington-based manufacturer, the 39-inch-wide Tango can apparently get itself from 0 to 60mph in around four seconds and has a reported top speed of 130mph.

And don't worry about the Tango T600 tipping over when thrown into corners--the 2,000-pound lead acid battery pack gives it the equivalent of a 5-star NHTSA safety rating, according to its designers. The T600 can be charged up using a regular A/C outlet and has a range of around 80 miles on a full charge.