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Josh P. Miller/CNET

Talking while turning: Top six GPS devices with Bluetooth

CNET editors round up in-car GPS devices with integrated Bluetooth for hands-free calling. Featured devices include the Motorola MotoNav TN765T, the Gamin Nuvi 765T, and the Pioneer AVIC-U310BT.

Considering the brand's history, that's pretty impressive.
The MotoNav TN765t is one of our favorite new GPS devices. Click through to see the rest of our top-six GPS devices with Bluetooth. Josh P. Miller/CNET

Ideally, portable and installed GPS devices increase driver safety by allowing you to focus on the road without fumbling with a paper map or staring at written directions. At the same time, a good Bluetooth hands-free system will allow drivers to take and make calls while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel.

Old timers often extol the virtues of simply knowing where you're going and not taking phone calls when behind the wheel, but the fact is that today's highways are more complex than ever and the temptation of a ringing phone is often too much to ignore. Why not hit two safety birds with one stone by grabbing a GPS device that features a built-in Bluetooth speakerphone?

We've rounded up our top six GPS devices with Bluetooth to get you started on your search. Included on this list of editor-approved units are an in-dash unit that uses your vehicle's speakers for the best possible quality and a device that goes beyond simple Bluetooth calling by using your phone to nab fuel prices, weather info, and Google search results.