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Take a computer-generated first look at the 2014 Hyundai Equus

Hyundai's 2014 Equus/Centennial flagship gets an early video preview ahead of its debut at the 2013 New York auto show.

Hyundai Centennial aka the 2014 Equus

Details and a pair of computer-animated videos of the upcoming 2014 Hyundai Equus (known in some world markets and referred to in the videos as the Centennial) have found their way onto the Web ahead of the Korean flagship's debut a the 2013 New York auto show later this month.

The 2014 Equus features a visual refresh that, with its reshaped front end, gently whispers "Mercedes-Benz S-Class," thanks to more wedge-shaped headlamps that are now available with full-LED adaptive front lighting. The Equus' profile is largely unchanged, as is often the case with a mid-cycle facelift. Around back, new LED rear lighting and a bit of resculpting separate this new Equus from previous models.

Under the hood, the Equus will continue to be offered in 3.8-liter or 5.0-liter V-8 flavors. The 3.8 Lambda engine outputs the same 329 horsepower as the current model, while the 5.0 Tau is quoted at a converted 417 horsepower in the video. Presumably, the U.S. model will output the same 429 horsepower as the current model when the Equus reaches North American shores. Hyundai's electronic adaptive suspension will also make a return appearance.

In the cabin, the analog instrument cluster gets replaced by an LCD unit displaying digital representations of analog gauges -- welcome to the future. The only benefit demonstrated by these virtual gauges in the video is the ability to change color depending on the driving mode (Normal, Snow, or Sport) chosen. An enlarged 9.2-inch color LCD joins the digital instrument cluster and tops the center stack, serving as the main hub for the Equus' infotainment system. This system is presumably touch sensitive, but can also be controlled by a physical controller similar to the one we saw in the Genesis Sedan.

Check out the videos above and below to see the 2014 Equus/Centennial in motion, and for a quick run-down of the new and returning features.