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Taiwan might tell Uber to hit the road

The country's government is set to order Uber to cease its operations there amid some confusion about its business.


Uber and East Asian markets aren't exactly getting along well this year.

Hemant Mishra/Mint/Hindustan Times/Getty Images

Running afoul of the government rarely ends well, whether it's the US or elsewhere on this bright, blue orb of ours. Uber's experiencing that firsthand in Taiwan, as the government is set to tell the ridesharing giant to take a hike.

Taiwan's Investment Commission said it plans to tell Uber to leave the Taiwanese market after misrepresenting itself, Reuters reports. The group claims Uber positioned itself as an "internet-based information technology platform" instead of a transportation service, although I guess you could argue that both are true statements.

The decision to kick Uber out of Taiwan is not yet set in stone, but it will be within a week. Uber can appeal the decision if it chooses. A Taiwanese Uber spokesperson told Reuters that the company wants to work with the government and explain how its presence can benefit the country at large. Uber's been operating in Taiwan since 2013, pissing off taxi drivers in the process.

This follows a similar Uber exit (Ubrexit? Uberexit?) in China. The company announced that it would sell its Chinese-market assets to rival Didi Chuxing, which was the recent recipient of a $1 billion investment from Apple.

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