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TAG Heuer wraps a phone in carbon fiber

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, which long ago branched out from its core business, announces an Android-based smartphone inspired by GT race cars.

Tag Heuer

Using the phrase "unparalleled torsion and strength to weight ratio," terms usually reserved for cars and spacecraft, TAG Heuer gets into the smartphone business with the most likely very expensive Racer (not to be confused with Razr).

Today's release contains very little detail about the actual phone. Wrapped in an industrial-looking case made of carbon fiber and titanium, we are told it is Android-based, uses a 3D interface, and has a high-speed processor.

TAG Heuer

The video promoting the phone is a work of art in itself, full of reverse exploding crystals, close-ups of carbon fiber, and bold phrases. However, there is no mention of 4G, LTE or otherwise.

TAG Heuer frequently moves beyond the world of watchmaking, designing accouterments such as sunglasses. It has also pushed into the realm of the automotive on many occasions, with racing-themed watches and even a TAG Heuer-themed Tesla Roadster.

You can sign up for further information about the TAG Heuer Racer phone on the company's Web site.