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Sync Navigation in the Lincoln MKS

The final installment of this week's look at current car navigation systems examines the Sync Navigation System as found in the 2009 Lincoln MKS sedan.


I've owned a variety of automobiles in my lifetime, but one of the few that holds a special place in my heart to this very day was my old 1988 Lincoln Town Car (or as I used to call it "The Stinkin' Lincoln"). It was in no shape or form sedan-like: I'm talking about one of those big, boat-like cars with gas-guzzling 5.0 V8 engines that are sort of like a poor man's Cadillac. My Lincoln was white with plush, white leather interior and the fancy-looking wood grain. The feeling I got driving that Town Car was similar to what I imagine pioneering a spaceship would be like - it felt almost like you were floating as opposed to driving. It was a smooth ride to say the least.

The Lincoln has changed a lot in the last 20 years. The modern Lincoln resembles a sedan more so than a boat on land nowadays. And the modern Lincoln is also hip to GPS navigation technology, which brings us to the video that I've cued up for your viewing pleasure.

This vid features the 2009 Lincoln MKS sedan. The highlight of this video is the examination of the Sync Navigation System as found in the MKS beginning at the :40 second mark. The hard-drive based Sync Navigation is touchscreen driven, although it can also work via voice recognition as well. Sync has many bells and whistles, with such features as USB & Bluetooth connectivity, and it is satellite connected via Sirius Travel Link to provide passengers with everything from weather forecasts to sports results. This baby can even rip music to its hard drive for your listening pleasure as well. And the ride itself...well, it still looks pretty damn smooth to me. Long live the Stinkin' Lincoln! Cheers.