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SwissRoomBox turns car into camper

The SwissRoomBox turns a car into a camper, complete with shower, stove, and bed, the latter suitable for pillow fights, as shown in the promotional video.

The SwissRoomBox includes cooking and bathing facilities.

Per the video, couples can use the SwissRoomBox to shower and have pillow fights.

The Swiss took a simple pocket knife and made it open bottles, burn ants with a magnifying glass, and saw down trees. So we are not terribly surprised to see the SwissRoomBox. Its red-painted sides conceal a stove, sink, shower, table, and bed, and it can be fit into different types of cars.

This promotional video shows a couple on a splendid car camping adventure somewhere in the European countryside, taking advantage of the many uses of the SwissRoomBox, and proving that the Swiss do, in fact, wear leather underwear.

In the video, the SwissRoomBox fits neatly into a European small van, something along the lines of a Citroen Picasso or Peugeot Partner. Think Mazda5 or Honda CR-V for the States.

It includes pressurized water, useful for bathing, cleaning, and cooking, and a burner. The pieces can be reconfigured to make a table top extending out of the car, or a standalone table. And there is, apparently, a compartment for a Swiss Army knife.

But Burning Man attendees and those looking for a cheap car camping solution will be dismayed by the price, listed on the SwissRoomBox Web site as starting at 3,964 Swiss Francs, over $4,000 at current exchange rates. And that probably does not include international shipping.