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Josh Miller/CNET

Suzuki's SUV gets by on price, not tech

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Josh Miller/CNET

The Suzuki Grand Vitara doesn't excel in tech or performance, yet this SUV still has a few virtues, chief among them is its price. Our fully loaded Limited trim version only came up to $27.000, and that is with a V-6 engine and a four-wheel-drive system. Suzuki doesn't skimp on the four-wheel-drive system, offering high and low lock modes along with descent control.

For cabin tech, Suzuki rides Garmin's coattails, integrating a GPS device into the car that handles navigation and Bluetooth phone support. It is a workable system, although we do prefer in-dash navigation. You can forget about music, though, as the Grand Vitara's stereo is below average.

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