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Wald actually built its hyper-aggressive Jimny Black Bison

Now we have to live in a world where the Black Bison exists, and we can't ever have it.

We've never seen a more 'roided-out-looking little SUV, and we want it, badly.

Toward the end of 2018, while the world was caught up in the magnificence of the new Suzuki Jimny, a tuning company called Wald released some renders of its ultimate version of Suzuki's pint-size off-roader. The internet freaked out, and then things went quiet.

Until now, that is, because Wald actually went and built its Jimny Black Bison, and the results are even better than we thought they'd be. The first part of Wald's mission to transform the Jimny seems to have been to take all possible traces of cuteness and throw them in the dumpster, because the Black Bison is mean-looking.

With a face that reads more Mercedes G-Wagen than anything and enough LED lighting to signal a passing spacecraft, the Black Bison almost doesn't register as the little Jimny on which it's based at all.

Wald doesn't stop at the front though, because it also adds little roof spoilers or winglets to the rear and massive fender flares at all four corners. The flares are there to cover the larger and more aggressive tires. Our favorite exterior change is the addition of hood-mounted turn signals, just like on the Mercedes G-Wagen.

Wald will likely offer these components for purchase individually or as a kit, but has yet to announce pricing for any of it. Despite that, if the Black Bison is the first serious effort at customizing the new Jimny, then we're very excited to see what the rest of the aftermarket comes up with.