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Suzuki goes all Ben-Hur on the automotive world

Suzuki shows off the dangerous-looking Kizashi 2 concept at the 2007 Tokyo auto show.

Suzuki Kizashi 2 concept
Suzuki refines its Kizashi concept at the 2007 Tokyo auto show. CNET Networks

At the 2007 Frankfurt auto show, Suzuki showed off the Kizashi concept, and, frankly, we weren't too thrilled. We weren't sure why Suzuki was building something that looked like a Dodge Magnum. But at the 2007 Tokyo auto show, Suzuki revealed the Kizashi 2, indicating that it's serious about building bigger cars. Suzuki has had success building smaller cars and SUVs, but now it wants to stretch its proverbial wings, competing in new segments. The Kizashi concepts show Suzuki's direction in this area--big, gaudy, and brawny wagons.

Suzuki Kizashi 2 wheel
Wheels like this seem built for L.A. freeways. CNET Networks

After examining the Kizashi 2, we give in. Suzuki can do whatever it wants to, and we won't say a word. And really, it had nothing to do with the big spikes sticking off the rims of this latest concept. We have no fear that, as we're driving down the freeway, the Kizashi 2 will pull up next to us and use those spikes to blow out our tires. We don't have that fear because we accept Suzuki's efforts. Yay. Go Suzuki. Go and build big, mean-looking cars.