Survey says fuel efficiency is a factor in new car sales and leases

Plastics Make It Possible releases a Harris Interactive online survey that reveals fuel efficiency is a factor when buying or leasing a car.

Learn about how plastics improve a car's fuel efficiency and safety by designing a car from a menu of features on the Plastics Make It Possible Web site. American Chemistry Council

This may not come as a surprise, but the American Chemistry Council on a Web site called Plastics Make It Possible has released a survey that reveals fuel efficiency is often a factor when buying or leasing a new car.

Of the 2,411 U.S. adults surveyed in an online survey by Harris Interactive, 78 percent said fuel efficiency is a key factor, while 63 percent consider safety features in their choice. "However, only 10 percent of those who know what contributes significantly to vehicle safety recognize that plastics and plastic composites contribute significantly to vehicle safety," the ACC said in a statement.

In order to educate consumers on the importance of plastics, the American Chemistry Council has released the results of the survey and offers information on how the use of plastics in vehicles makes them more fuel-efficient.

Visitors to the Plastics Make It Possible Web site can learn how plastics make new cars safe and lightweight--from bumpers to air bags--by designing a car of their own.

"The online car designers can also enter for a chance to win numerous auto-related prizes, such as an in-car navigation system, a $250 gas card, or AAA emergency roadside kits," the ACC said.

"Plastics make up half the volume of cars, so we were a bit surprised to learn how little buyers know about the benefits of plastics in automobiles," said Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council.

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