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Supplier input varies in Nissan's tech plans

Automotive news reports on Nissan's car technology plans.

Automotive News

Automotive News

PARIS--Nissan will integrate suppliers in plans to introduce 15 technologies a year beginning in 2009.

"There will be some key technological areas where we will want to pilot development up to the manufacturing process; then we will hand it over to suppliers," Mitsuhiko Yamashita, Nissan Motor Co.'s executive vice president in charge of rand#38;d, said during a press briefing here.

"For some other technological developments, we will need to have supplier involvement from the very beginning," Yamashita said.

Engine and transmission developments are those most likely to be done in-house, Yamashita said, while interior and safety features will likely be developed closely with suppliers.

The push into new vehicle technologies is a key element of CEO Carlos Ghosn's Nissan GT 2012 strategy. Ghosn's plan aims to redefine the Japanese carmaker as a technology leader.

This year, Nissan already has presented five technologies that demonstrate the type of products to come.

Many advancements are linked to Nissan's aim to be a leader in zero-emission vehicles.

(Source: Automotive News)