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Supercars, cup cars, small cars and big cars: Our week on Instagram

But you'd know all this already if you were following us on Insta.


Between the editors at Roadshow and Carfection, we're a team of some dozen individuals. And we're constantly traipsing about the globe, hitting up new-car reveals, shooting videos and generally having a good ol' time. The best way to stay up to date on what we're doing is by going to our Instagram pages, because pictures rarely have to adhere to embargoes like our reviews and first takes do.

Over on the Carfection side, it was a light week. The chaps 'cross the pond took a face-to-face look at the new Audi TT RS, and one lucky bastard (whose name rhymes with Daleks Boy) had himself the keys to a manual-transmission, V-12 Aston Martin. Us? Jealous? Never.

As for Roadshow, we've had quite the week. Tim Stevens had seat time in both the Tesla Model X and Aston Martin's new DB11. Antuan Goodwin went to check out Nissan's gas-powered Titan XD, and Emme Hall is rockin' out at the Mazda Global MX-5 Cup. Jon Wong and Nick Miotke turned a Ram Rebel into art, while yours truly put his pit bull, Hippo, inside a V-12-powered Mercedes G-Class. Not too shabby!