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Ram struts Super Bowl ad stuff with Vikings

If you want to show toughness, this is a good group to rely on.

It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without an over-the-top car ad, and Ram is here to deliver with the 2019 Ram 1500 pickup.

During Super Bowl LII, Ram ran a minute-long ad featuring its new 1500 pickup and... Vikings. A whole lot of Vikings, doing a whole lot of Viking stuff -- rowing, yelling, and... singing a retooled version of a Queen song, apparently.

The Vikings end up taking the Ram 1500 to Minnesota, which doesn't really follow the history books, but the Super Bowl is in Minnesota, and its team just so happens to be called the Vikings. This commercial's like an onion, folks -- it's got layers.

If you can't get enough of either this truck or a bunch of actors dressed up as Vikings, take a gander at the extended cut below:

And if you haven't had a chance to check out Ram's all-new 1500 full-size pickup in all its trucky glory,  be sure to check out our coverage from its recent Detroit Auto Show reveal. 

With an all-new, lighter-weight chassis, massive new infotainment system and mild-hybrid assist, there's lots of brawn and tech to check out. Just prefer to look at pretty pictures? Poke around our extensive gallery below: