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Super 8 RoadM8 concept looks nicer than its hotel rooms

The interior sure is somethin', with a coffee maker and a fridge in the back.

You can see this paint job from space.
Super 8

Super 8, the hotel chain you've probably stayed at somewhere in the middle of the country, has spent $100 million renovating its rooms. To celebrate that, it's rolled out... a concept Jeep Wrangler? Wait, what?

In what might be the most ambitious crossover event of all time, Super 8 took a Jeep Wrangler and tarted it up with all sorts of hotel-aesthetic frippery. The exterior embodies the Super 8 sign, with a bunch of bright yellow paint alongside black and red accents. There's some art on the hood that pays homage to South Dakota, home of the original Super 8 (I'm sure you knew that already).

The interior, as you might expect, looks like a redesigned Super 8 hotel room. The seats are patterned after the rooms' new bedspreads. The faux wood trim is an... interesting touch, covering the wheels and other random trim pieces. There's also a Super 8 logo on the steering wheel.

The rear seat is where things get weird. Back there, you'll find a coffee machine and a mini fridge built into the center console. There's also a pair of tablets mounted to the seatbacks as an ersatz entertainment system. Basically, it's all the amenities you'd find in the room, minus perhaps some soap and shampoo.

Is it weird? Yes. Is it not something you'd expect? Yes. But that's the fun of concepts -- you've got room to get strange with it.