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Subaru to bring AT&T 4G LTE to some 2016 model vehicles

Subaru follows automakers General Motors and Audi in embracing AT&T's wireless service.

Select 2016 model Subaru vehicles will get LTE (not necessarily this model). Subaru

LAS VEGAS--AT&T will provide wireless service to select Subaru vehicles, adding to its stable of connected car partners.

Subaru of America will employ AT&T's 4G LTE network to power its Starlink in-vehicle connectivity system, the companies announced Monday at AT&T's developer conference at the International CES confab.

AT&T has been the most aggressive carrier in lining up automaker partners for its wireless service. The company sees it as a new growth opportunity beyond its core smartphone wireless service. The automakers, meanwhile, see it as another feature to tout and a way to build customer loyalty. For Subaru, the company is keeping pace with its competitors.

Subaru follows the likes of General Motors and Audi, which already have vehicles on the road with an AT&T connection.

Subaru's Starlink service will help recover stolen vehicles, offer collision notification, supply monthly diagnostic reports and provide remote vehicle services such as the ability to lock your car via a smartphone. Subaru said on Monday that it would use Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services to power those features.

Starlink could previously get content such as Pandora music from the driver's Android or iPhone device, but the Starlink system was previously focused on entertainment.

"AT&T will enable Starlink to provide Subaru customers with additional peace of mind through new safety and security services, as well as enhanced connectivity," said Alan Bethke, vice president of marketing for Subaru of America.

Starlink will appear in select 2016 model Subaru vehicles, which will roll out later this year. Neither Subaru nor AT&T provided any details on how much the service would cost.