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Subaru teases a big ol' STI wing on Twitter

What does it mean? We'll find out next week.


Some teasers give you an idea of what to expect. Subaru's latest teaser that involves its STI performance brand, on the other hand, leaves us with more questions than answers.

Subaru USA posted a picture to its Twitter account showing a massive carbon fiber wing with an STI logo on the side. It offered no additional information, other than to stay tuned until June 8, 2017.

We can't glean much from the teaser, but it appears to be something that will end up on a production vehicle. It's unlikely to be some sort of racecar, because it appears that the interior still sports its standard components.

It could be a more aggressive performance package for either WRX or STI -- it's unlikely that Subaru will let you slap a giant carbon fiber wing onto a regular Impreza sedan, but hey, it's 2017 and anything is very clearly possible. According to our friends at Motor1, though, this teaser hints at a new trim level of STI called the STI Type RA, which offers carbon fiber bits and tweaks to both the suspension and powertrain. Either way, we'll know the whole story in about a week.

Update, June 1: This story has been changed to reflect the fact that the wing is on a WRX STI, and not a BRZ. Whoops!