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Subaru Solterra STI concept revealed, but extra power missing in action

Really, it looks the part with lots of STI gear, but Subaru didn't mention any performance upgrades onboard.

It looks the part.


The Subaru Solterra STI shown at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon on Friday likely previews a natural extension to come from the brand's first electric car. But, it may be a poor idea to get your hopes up for more power. Instead, this Solterra STI concept is all about show, rather than go.

Subaru kept quiet about any performance upgrades the Solterra STI features. Instead, "the model inspires Subaru's superior driving dynamics," the brand said. It looks the part, though, with a neat periwinkle blue color and cherry red ground effects. There's an STI wing at the top of the rear hatch and some red accents that look right at home in the multispoke wheel design.

However, a true Solterra STI would hopefully provide a little more punch. It'd do the STI badge a disservice to pack exterior changes without just a little more oomph to go along with it. All of this assumes Subaru will build a production Solterra STI, but considering Toyota showed a BZ4X sports concept, it certainly seems like something along these lines is on the table.

But, if Tokyo Auto Salon fans wanted something spicier from Subaru, they got it. The STI E-RA concept previews an electric race car to come, and the brand rolled out a WRX STI S4 performance and Levorg STI performance concept.