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Subaru puts a WRX STI on a bobsled run, crashy insanity occurs

Driving for Subaru sounds like an interesting job.


In case you needed unequivocal proof that a bobsled run really isn't built for passenger cars, Subaru's latest video should drop all the truth bombs you require.

After the Geneva Motor Show, Subaru drove up to St. Moritz, home of the oldest bobsled track in the world -- and the only one kept cold entirely by nature. Mark Higgins, a driver from the Isle of Man, hopped behind the wheel of a Subaru WRX STI loaded with spiked tires and made his way down the bobsled run.

While the vehicle survived its trip, it was one wild ride. The car keeps slamming between walls of snow, and after making its way around a turn that was nearly vertical, it wall-rides on its roof before landing on its tires. The carnage was impressive. It looked like the car came from a demolition derby, not a bobsled run. Since these courses aren't built for cars, the STI had to be removed by crane after each attempt.

Will this spawn a new Olympic sport? Probably not. But it never hurts to hope.