Subaru Helped More Than 36,000 Shelter Animals Get Adopted in October 2021

Subaru Loves Pets Month was a smashing success, and in total the automaker has helped nearly 350,000 critters find loving new homes.

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Subaru Loves Pets Animal Adoptions - dogs
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Subaru Loves Pets Animal Adoptions - dogs

Subaru is a tireless advocate for animals.


Automakers often support charitable causes; whether it's helping local fire departments or fighting breast cancer, car companies aren't always faceless entities solely focused on building shareholder value. In the case of Subaru, the Japanese automaker announced Wednesday that it helped facilitate the adoption of more than 36,000 shelter pets in October 2021 (or as the company calls it, Subaru Loves Pets Month).

More impressive that that, since Subaru started this particular campaign, it's helped nearly 60,000 shelter animals find loving homes -- an impressive achievement made possible with the help of dealerships and animal shelters.

"We thank our Subaru retailers, partner shelters and all those who adopted a new pet this year for showing love to animals in need," said Alan Bethke, senior vice president of marketing at Subaru, in a press release. "The Subaru community has shown time and time again just how passionate they are about helping pets and their support for shelter pets in their local community this past Subaru Loves Pets month was overwhelming."

Last October, more than 600 retailers participated in Subaru Loves Pets Month by hosting in-person and virtual adoption events. Dealers also donated more than $1.6 million to local animal shelters. Aside from helping animals find new homes, the automaker has also championed hard-to-adopt dogs, fur babies with special needs, disabilities or other issues, something that is particularly touching.

Subaru's love of animals runs deep. For years, pups have been prominently featured in the automaker's commercials, and the company also brings adoptable dogs to major auto shows. There, it sets up small corrals where you can interact with pups and even take one home if you fall in love. These little displays are always a highlight of the auto show circuit, giving stressed-out media a brief chance to unwind during some very busy days.

Aside from Subaru Loves Pets Month, nationwide the automaker has helped nearly 350,000 animals get adopted, something worth howling about.

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