Subaru rolls out its second Impreza concept in as many auto shows

The inclusion of a sedan concept shows that the automaker is determined to bring both four- and five-door variants to market.

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Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept
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Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept

One week from today, CNET will have pictures of the Impreza Sedan Concept live from the auto show floor.


Just because an automaker rolled out a new concept at one auto show doesn't mean it's finished. That's the case with Subaru right now. After rolling out a concept for the upcoming fifth-generation Impreza compact, Subaru's bring yet another concept to next week's Los Angeles Auto Show -- of the same car. Sort of.

Whereas the Tokyo Motor Show concept featured a five-door hatchback configuration, this new one takes on a more conventional, four-door sedan layout. This means that Subaru should continue its 23-year tradition of selling Impreza sedans and hatchbacks side by side.

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Like the hatchback, the sedan concept features a strong, sculpted shoulder line running between the wheels. The headlights are the same as the five-door variant, but the sedan's rear end is a bit less aggressive, opting for little more than a duckbill spoiler coming off the trunk.

The rest of the picture is Photoshopped to high heaven, and no amount of tweaking elicited any additional details. Plenty of traditional concept details are accounted for, though, including tiny side mirrors and door handles that integrate seamlessly with the car's shoulder line.

Subaru will give us the whole hog at its LA Auto Show press conference, which takes place on Wednesday, November 18, at 2:35 p.m. PT.