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Subaru Impreza 5-Door concept hints at the company's next-gen hatch

Subaru's venerable Impreza is ready for a refresh, and here's what a five-door version might look like.


The Subaru Impreza 5-Door concept.

Tim Stevens/CNET

TOKYO -- To many, an Impreza isn't an Impreza if it doesn't have room for a couple of big dogs in the back. With the company's newly unveiled Impreza 5-Door concept, your puppies now have something to look forward to.

The Impreza 5-Door concept is said to take "inspiration" from the company's entry-level next-generation model, which is also the basis for the hotter WRX and hottest STI models -- cars that are currently only available in the US in sedan form.

The car uses the "Dynamic & Solid" Subaru design language. It features prominent fender flares and, of course, that big, wide hexagonal grille with slivers of LED lighting pushed up and away from the nose. The company's trademark fog lights are well represented, as is a modest roof spoiler on the back, with a clean arch of roofline bridging the gap between hood and rear hatch.

Though the rear overhangs are short, the rear doors are massive, tucking well back into the rear fenders. Door handles are predictably flush and mirrors impossibly slim, serving as reminders that this car is, indeed, just a concept.

Still, if this is what a next-gen Impreza is going to look like, that's just fine by me -- so long as they make an STI out of it.