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Subaru Forester Wilderness coming next month, teases more off-road cred

Following the Outback Wilderness, the Forester is next in line for the beefed-up off-road gear.

The Wilderness sub-brand is set to expand at Subaru, and it's coming to the Forester. On Thursday, Subaru posted a video teasing clips of its next Wilderness-badged vehicle, and a single shot of the taillight gives it away: a Subaru Forester Wilderness.

The Forester's Wilderness treatment will follow the Outback Wilderness, which arrived earlier this year. Expect more body cladding, a minor lift for extra ground clearance, beefed-up X-Mode systems and more. It should look the part, too, with exterior and interior tweaks to make the typically vanilla crossover SUV more rugged-looking. I personally think Subaru knocked the Outback Wilderness' cosmetic changes out of the park, so I expect the Forester will be a win as well.

The brand already said its Wilderness badge will keep expanding across the company's lineup, so don't expect it to stop there. The Crosstrek seems like a very strong candidate for the treatment; I wouldn't expect a BRZ Wilderness, though. A Legacy Wilderness? That would be cool if Subaru went full rally car, but it's also unlikely.

Check back on Sept. 2 when Subaru plans to reveal the Forester Wilderness.