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Subaru Ascent readies Onyx Edition trim, coming next week

The teaser image shows off an Onyx Edition badge, so expect plenty of rugged accents.

Subaru Ascent Onyx Edition
A more rugged three-row SUV.

Subaru's Onyx Edition is ready to expand to the largest vehicle the company makes. On Tuesday, Subaru teased the Ascent Onyx Edition, which will give the three-row SUV a "darker, more dramatic" look.

Right now, only the Outback has an Onyx Edition and it ruggedizes the wagon/crossover quite well. Unique seats, black trim and wheels, and a special X-Mode for the elements, create a machine ready to tackle more of the outdoors. 

The Ascent should follow a pretty similar formula, especially with the darker exterior accents. The Ascent Onyx Edition will also boast "convenient interior upgrades." The Outback version bundles some niceties like heated seats and whatnot, so perhaps the Ascent will also help define a sweet spot for the three-row SUV.

That's all we know for now, so check back on June 14 when Subaru will be ready to share the whole package.