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Subaru takes you on a rally race with a 360-degree, VR-ready video

Viewers will be able to look "through" the roof of the car and watch the drivers in action.

Racing teams occasionally strap action cameras to their vehicles to give fans a chance to witness the action from nearly the same angle as the drivers. Subaru, however, takes that one step further with its latest video from the Lake Superior Performance Rally. Viewers have a 360-degree view of the rally race, with the ability to peer into the cabin, while also being compatible with virtual reality headsets.

Subaru wants you to view this video through its Subaru Motorsports app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, but you can watch it on regular ol' YouTube, as well. YouTube has supported 360-degree video streaming since March, but it's relatively bandwidth-heavy, so readers with data caps should beware. The video is also compatible with smartphone-based VR headsets, for those on the cutting edge.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the video is the ability to see through the roof and into the cabin. When you angle the camera downwards, it transitions seamlessly from the roof-mounted exterior camera to one mounted inside the car. Set the angle between the two and you'll be able to watch the driver strong-arm his way down some very tight roads.

In the video, driver David Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew run through a stage of the 2015 Lake Superior Performance Rally, part of the Rally America championship. Higgins and Drew won the Upper Peninsula rally, giving them an undefeated season and breaking a 28-year-old record.