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Streetline unveils second generation of parking app

Streetline releases the second-generation parking app, Parker, for the iPhone and announced the availability of Parker for Android.

Parker not only shows available parking options, but also the cost. Streetline

Looking for a parking spot by driving around and around the block has become a thing of the past.

Streetline today announced the launch of the second-generation smart-parking app, Parker, for the iPhone and the launch of Parker for Android.

Parker lets users find available street or lot parking options and offers other information such as cost. The app debuted in December 2010 for the iPhone in six states throughout the U.S. including the major metropolitan areas of California, Washington, DC, Maryland, New York, Texas, and Utah.

Streetline CEO Zia Yusuf said Parker is going to change the way people park. "The next generation of Parker for iPhone and Android offers amazing new features that make navigating to your next parking spot much faster and easier than ever before," Yusuf said. "Streetline is a pioneer in modernizing parking, and with this latest release of Parker we're pleased to reach millions of additional consumers with enhanced guidance, integrated payment options, consumer feedback, and a host of new capabilities--creating the first fully integrated consumer smart parking platform."

According to Yusuf, Streetline's patented smart-parking platform detects the presence of cars through a network of ultra-low-power wireless sensors located in individual parking spaces. The sensors detect when a car pulls into a parking spot, and when it leaves. The battery-powered sensors send information to repeaters installed on lamp posts and the information is updated on the Parker app.

Streetline sensors also detect when parking meters are in violation. The app also delivers information about parking space time limits, pricing, whether meters take credit cards or coins, as well as static parking data for select locations.

The information is updated in real time and is displayed as icons: more than four spaces available (plenty of parking available), more than two spaces available (some parking), or fewer than two spaces available (limited parking).

A Pay By Phone option and a feedback option, to send feedback to Streetline about the app, can be found on the new version of Parker.

Parker is available free for Android from the Android Market. Parker also is free for the iPhone from the App Store.