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Josh Miller/CNET

Step inside Volkswagen's ID Buzz concept in 360 degrees

You probably won't get a chance to sit in it during the Detroit Auto Show's public days.

Volkswagen's Microbus-style ID Buzz concept earned a fair bit of praise for its unique look at the future of electric transportation. And now, you can hop inside and take a look for yourself...sort of.

Strap on your Google Cardboard or whatever you use to watch 360-degree videos and go to town checking out the ID Buzz's interior from inside the car. It's sure better than trying to sneak a peek through the glass with 10,000 strangers around you.

The ID Buzz is the second ID concept from Volkswagen. The original ID Concept debuted at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, and that one should be coming to production within the next five years. It runs on Volkswagen's new MEB shared platform, which is set to underpin dozens of EVs across VW's many brands over the next 10 years or so.