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European Fiat 500 customers can score some crypto by driving efficiently

The program is being run by Stellantis in cooperation with a crypto startup called Kiri Technologies.

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Kyle Hyatt
Fiat 500

Driving one of these bad boys efficiently can net you some sweet, sweet crypto.


Let's face it; if you're not already invested in cryptocurrency, you've likely already missed the boat. Unless you're European and buy a brand new , that is.

parent company Stellantis announced a new promotion on Tuesday that will reward drivers with a cryptocurrency called KiriCoin for driving with sustainability in mind at a rate of around one KiriCoin per kilometer. The whole thing is run through the Fiat app and lets drivers check their "eco:Score" as well as how many KiriCoin they've accumulated.

Here's the catch: the KiriCoin you rack up is only able to be spent in a special marketplace which, at present, only appears to offer a handful of options for gift cards from places like GelatoArts, Staiy, Supernovas and, of course, Mopar. That could expand in the future, of course, but who knows by how much? 

There are other benefits on deck for those drivers with the highest eco:Scores -- these include vouchers for goods and services from the likes of Amazon, Apple , Netflix and Spotify.

Of course, this promotion is all for Europe only, since A) KiriCoin is only available in 13 European countries at present, and B) the 500 has been given the axe here in the US.

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