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Steampunkt: Touchscreen navigation retrofit now available for classic Porsches

Can't live without USB ports, but also can't live without your '85 3.2 coupe? Now you can finally have both.

I wouldn't recommend attempting to use (or read) that 3.5-inch touchscreen while driving.


The aftermarket is great for outfitting your older vehicle with plenty of new-school accoutrements, like navigation or satellite radio. Trouble is, if you have a classic car that's worth a pretty penny, like an old Porsche, the resale market frowns heavily upon aftermarket modifications. But Porsche, clever dog that it is, has a solution, and it's finally available for purchase in North America.

If you're willing to part with a decent chunk of change, you can buy and install the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System. This so-straightforward-it-has-to-be-German name doesn't hide much -- it gives your old Porsche a wealth of new technology, including navigation, USB ports, Bluetooth wireless phone connectivity and the option for satellite radio. And it's all tucked into a single-DIN head unit that's meant to look like it belongs in there, unlike aftermarket head units.

Even better, it'll work on a whole crapload of old Porsches. It'll work on every air-cooled 911 from 1998 to the 1960s, along with the 912, 914, 924, 928, 944 and 968. It'll probably work with the 959, as well, but good luck finding a 959 owner that's willing to touch the key, nevertheless tear the dashboard apart.

The USB ports are on a second piece of hardware that mounts (on the 911, at least) above the shifter. You can also attach the system to sound systems both new and factory, and it'll even work with the telescoping stock antenna. It has both internal and external microphones, so you won't need to shout to high heaven if you're driving top-down and the phone rings.

Of course, bearing the Porsche badge, you can't expect this to be cheap. In the European press release from February 2015, Porsche says its radio will cost €1,184 (including VAT). That comes out to about $1,300. But if you've already spent tens of thousands on the Super Carrera of your dreams, having access to modern creature comforts should make the price appear much more palatable.

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