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Spoiler alert: McLaren teases Geneva-bound supercar's aero prowess

It's a slippery little thing, apparently.

McLaren Chassis Teaser
Stop giggling -- monocoque is a real word, and I am using it correctly.

McLaren kicked off 2017 by teasing an all-new supercar, which will debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Now, we get to see a bit more of it.

The second teaser for McLaren's new Super Series entry, which will replace the 650S, features the car's active rear wing. It spans the whole rear end, and it can move upward to add downforce when necessary. It can also deploy as an airbrake to help balance the car.

Everybody's going to use this same headline, aren't they?


According to the whiz-kid engineers that built the thing, the new McLaren supercar produces 50 percent more peak downforce than the 650S it will eventually replace. Thanks to a new door design that better channels air into the car's radiators, cooling efficiency is up 15 percent, as well.

The previous teaser showed off the car's all-new carbon fiber monocoque -- the reinforced shell you sit in when driving. This helps drop curb weight approximately 40 pounds when compared to a 650S. Its wider door openings should help the clumsier drivers among us from having too awkward a time with ingress and egress.

McLaren's latest effort marks the start of a new Super Series lineup. The 650S, 650S Spider and 675LT will all eventually be replaced, as part of McLaren's effort to deliver 15 new cars by 2022, approximately half of which will move thanks to some degree of electrification.