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Sony NV-U82, NV-U92T, NV-U52 and NV-U72T sat-navs

Looking for a new satellite-navigation system this summer? Sony has just launched a number of feature-packed devices that are well worth a gander

Crave has sent one of its top secret agents out to Rhodes to check out some of Sony's new kit, including these new satellite-navigation systems (pictured) that come with all the latest features to keep you on track.

First up, our agent had a sneak peek at the NV-U82 (bottom right), which boasts a large 122mm (diagonally) colour touchscreen. This screen supports a new system that lets you translate frequently used destinations into simple line drawings -- just sketch the particular shape on the screen and the device will direct you home, for instance. The NV-U82 comes with 512MB of on-board memory and is pre-loaded with individual country maps. You also have the option to receive Traffic Message Channel (TMC) updates. It should cost around £280.

The NV-U92T (top right) is very similar to the NV-U82 but comes with 2GB of on-board memory, which holds all the European maps as well as featuring TMC updates. That model will set you back £350.

Next up is the NV-U52 (top left), which comes with an all-in-one cradle and suction cup that tucks away neatly in the back so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Compared to the previous two models, this device is much smaller, and features an 89mm (diagonally) colour touchscreen that also uses the symbol-drawing system previously mentioned.

The NV-U52 again comes with 512MB of on-board memory, which will store individual country maps and will cost £200. If you want maps of all of Europe in the smaller package you should get the NV-U72T, which comes with 2GB of on-board memory and a price tag of £250, according to our agent in the field.

All these sat-navs will be on sale this summer. They will be available to pre-order from the Sony online shop. -AL