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Sony expands Xplod line by four

Sony today is announcing four new Xplod in-dash CD Receivers. Designed to offer drivers a simple and affordable after-market audio experience, the new models combine strong connectivity with high style.


Sony has announced four new Xplod in-dash CD receivers. The new 2009 fall lineup adds Radio Data System (RDS) technology, which is an FM radio tech that, when receiving a compatible station, displays text data such as artist, track, and song information or station call numbers directly on the display.

The CDX-GT240 is a rather basic CD receiver. Sony

Starting at the bottom of the new line is the CDX-GT240 ($80), which is a fairly standard single-disc, single-DIN CD player. In addition to the AM/FM tuner with RDS technology, the unit features MP3 and WMA file playback from the optical drive and an analog aux-in on the faceplate to connect digital media players. The entry-level unit ships with a card remote control, but only features a single preamp output, so those who want more flexibility should look further up the product line.

Building on the GT240's feature set is the CDX-GT340 ($100), which adds a second set of stereo subwoofer preamp outputs. The more advanced GT340 offers the capability to add accessory modules for satellite radio, HD radio, and an iPod adapter (at additional cost).

The Xplod line starts to get interesting with the CDX-GT540UI. Sony

Stepping up once again in the Xplod line brings us to the CDX-GT540UI ($140). The "UI" at the end of the model number indicates that this models gets a faceplate-mounted USB port with iPod connectivity. The GT540UI features Sony's DM+ processing that enhances compressed digital audio and Zappin, Quick-BrowZer, and Jump Mode technologies to give users a few options for dealing with the larger file libraries that are stored on digital media players.

At the top of the 2009 Xplod lineup (and pictured at the top of this article) is the CDX-GT640UI ($160) which adds a larger LCD display with a flip-down faceplate and a total of three preamp outputs.

Sony's new Xplod lineup will be available September 2009.