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Sony Ericsson claims 25-hour talk time on HCB-108 speakerphone

Sony Ericsson unveils its new HCB-108 Bluetooth speakerphone.


On Tuesday morning in London, Sony Ericsson unveiled its new HCB-108 Bluetooth speakerphone. The most interesting feature can't be seen by looking at the photos. Rather, it requires a peak at the specs, specifically the claimed battery life.

Sony Ericsson claims that a fully charged HCB-108 can remain in standby for a month, which is the longest claimed standby time in its segment. For those who'd rather use their hands-free device than watch it sit idle, the HCB-108 will let users talk for a claimed 25 hours before needing a recharge. Of course, these are claimed times and your mileage will most likely vary.

Moving past the battery tech, the HCB-108 is also a full duplex speakerphone with echo cancellation and DSP. Full duplex is at the top of our wish list for any speakerphone, as it allows for fluid back and forth conversation without having to wait for the other person to stop talking.

The HCB-108 will be officially revealed at the Paris Auto Show in October and will hit shelves in Fall '08.

HCB-108 in silver and black.
The HCB-108 will be available in silver and black. Sony Ericsson