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Something to Saab about: GM shuts down European brand

General Motors recently announced its intentions to wind down its Saab brand of the company. Here's a short clip from Associated Press with more on the future of GM's European imprint.

Tonight most of us will be counting down to the birth of the new year, 2010. However, it appears that General Motors will be counting down to the last Saab produced by the company, as it was announced a couple of weeks ago that the automotive manufacturer will be discontinuing the making of the Saab imprint because of its inability to sell the line to prospective European carmakers. As it appears, nothing will be changing on this front prior to the self-imposed deadline of December 31, 2009, and it seems all but certain now that the Saab car and name is to be a thing of the past in the near future.

I know this isn't exactly breaking news with the official announcement coming down the pike almost two weeks ago, but for those who've yet to get the low down on this low blow to the Saab brand, this Web video produced by the Associated Press gives viewers a quick glimpse on how and why GM has decided to shed the Saab brand from production. Though I've never been big on Saab, it has still issued many classy and reliable vehicles over the years, and my guess is GM doesn't see Saab as a marketable name to prospective American buyers to invest in. I'll pour out a little champagne for you tonight, Saab. May 2010 be much better than 2009. Happy New Year's everyone!