Some Mercedes-Benz V8s are back on the menu for 2022

The vehicles were removed from the order books in late 2021, reportedly over supply chain issues.

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Welcome back, friend.

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That darned supply chain. While some folks are content to use logistical woes as a reason for missing an alarm or any other joke-based answer, long lines of unopened shipping containers and steadily rising prices are wreaking havoc across various industries, including automotive. But for one automaker, at least, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mercedes-Benz will once again open its order books for several V8 models that were temporarily discontinued in late 2021, Motor Authority reports, citing confirmation from the automaker. Representatives for Mercedes-Benz did not immediately return a request for comment.

The news first broke in Mercedes-Benz forums, where alleged dealer documents were posted signaling the return of several V8 models in the lineup. Returning vehicles include the GLE580 and AMG GLE63 and GLE63S, as well as the GLS580, AMG GLS63 and Maybach GLS600. G-Wagen fans will be excited to hear that the G550 and AMG G63 are on the list, too. According to the dealership documents, orders previously placed in the automaker's system can be completed, with model-year 2021 vehicles being upgraded to the 2022 model year, as well.

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Mercedes-Benz confirmed the lineup hiccup late last year, citing the company's "prioritized focus to comply with various global, external and internal requirements, as well as several other factors, including but not limited to challenges in the supply chain." It's worth noting that, while many models have made their return, not all have. Motor Authority pointed out that V8 variants of the E-Class sedan and wagon are missing, as are the full lineups for the CLS-Class and AMG GT. The latter should be returning in the near future with a new generation, according to recent spy shots.

Of course, V8s aren't all Mercedes-Benz sells. Across its US portfolio, the automaker offers four-cylinder gas engines and six-cylinder mild hybrids, as well. You can always skip the internal combustion engine entirely, too; the Mercedes EQS is a stunning electric luxury sedan, and many of its cues will be seen on smaller upcoming models such as the EQB and EQE. In fact, the EQB is slated to arrive in the US later this year.