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Snowkhana: Star Wars, Santa and snow drifting, all in one place

Ford's annual miniature-laden video grows up this year, bringing some real-life action into the mix.

In homage to Ken Block and his Gymkhana video series, Ford releases Snowkhana each winter, just as the holidays are kicking off. Essentially, it's a miniaturized version of Block's video, complete with sound effects and plenty of topical humor. This year, though, Ford's bringing out the big guns -- real cars.

Whereas the last video was filmed with die-cast cars alone, Snowkhana 4 brings the all-new Ford Focus RS into the mix. You'll still get plenty of mini-fig action, complete with Star Wars references and a few throwbacks to prior videos, but now you'll get to see some honest-to-goodness winter driving, as well.

If you've always wanted to see Santa Claus drift around the North Pole, but you don't want silly things like reality getting in your way, you've come to the right video. Never mind leaving one of those yule log videos running in the background at your holiday party -- just load up Snowkhana 4 and crank the speakers.