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Sniff, sniff: Porsche recalls 52,000 Macan crossovers for fuel odors

It doesn't appear that the problem extends beyond an unsavory smell.


It doesn't matter if you have an expensive car or an inexpensive one -- nobody likes the smell of gasoline in or around a car. That's why Porsche recalled some of its crossovers.

Porsche issued a voluntary recall for 51,497 examples of the Macan in the US. This includes the base, S, GTS and Turbo trims. The affected vehicles carry build dates between March 4, 2014, and April 14, 2017. According to Good Car Bad Car, Porsche sold 47,143 Macans in the US, so this might affect nearly every Macan on the road.

Huffing gasoline, no matter the source, is universally ill-advised.


The issue stems from the fuel pump, which -- as one may guess from the name -- is responsible for pumping the fuel from the tank up to the engine. A filter flange might spring some hairline cracks, and if that happens, a small bit of fuel may seep out. If that happens, the vehicle might pick up an odor of gasoline.

According to Porsche, no incidents have been reported in the field, which is a good thing. And it appears the fuel seep's side effects are limited to the smell. If there were any sort of risks beyond that, Porsche would certainly mention them.

The fix is pretty straightforward. Dealerships will accept the recalled vehicles and inspect their fuel pump filter flanges. If necessary, technicians will seal or replace the flange, preventing the issue from happening again.