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Sneak peek: Mio H610

The Mio H610 is the most portable satellite navigation device we have ever seen -- it's going to be available in the UK this summer

Aside from all the excitement Crave had from flying in a helicopter over London and rushing up the Thames on a speedboat, the one thing that really got our tech-loving juices flowing was a sneak peek at the Mio H610.

The H610 was announced in March this year, but information on it was sketchy. Luckily last night we were given more information on it and allowed some hands-on time.

The H610 features maps of 24 European countries pre-installed on 2GB of flash memory, with around 1GB left over for personal use. It runs on a 400MHz processor and according to Mio has an impressive 18 hour battery life. It also has a 320 by 240pixel screen that displays 65,000 colours, MMC/SD memory card slot, an MP3 player, video player and Mio's WorldMate travel application. It's still being tweaked for the H610, but WorldMate will feature helpful extras for travellers, such as dictionaries and currency converters.

We were really impressed with the H610's size, it felt light and as you can see fit perfectly in the palm of our hands. It's also very attractive and has an iPod-esque look to it, with its white case and smooth curves. We were told it will be available later this summer but pricing is being kept under wraps. Expect a full review soon. -AL

Update: We now have a full review of the Mio H610 live in our Reviews channel.