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Smartphone mounts for your car

If you insist on using your phone in the car, at least make sure it is securely mounted and its voice command button is within easy reach. These smartphone mounts hold your phone up and visible in the car.

Josh Miller/CNET

Many drivers rely on smartphones for navigation, music, and calls in the car, but holding the phone while performing any of these tasks impairs driving ability and is illegal in some states. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that manually operating a phone greatly increases distraction while driving, where engaging in a hands-free call showed no increased crash risk.

To more safely use your phone in the car, get a mount that will keep its voice command button in easy reach and its screen viewable at a glance.

Mounts can stick to windshields and dashboards, clip to vents, or fit into cup-holders. A good mount will offer multiple points of articulation so the phone can be optimally positioned.

For convenience, the clamp end should make it easy to attach and remove your phone, yet hold it securely. A phone becomes its most distracting when it drops off a mount and falls onto the floor, sliding under the seat or brake pedal.

We have tested a variety of mounts that use varying means to hold onto phone and car. Check out our roundup below.

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