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Smart Studio seats more cameras than passengers

The Smart Studio features seven camera mounting points, but only two seats.

Smart Studio interior
The Smart Studio features seven camera mounting points, but only two seats. Josh Miller/CNET

We shoot a lot of in-car video for the Car Tech Blog and Car Tech Live podcast, but even we're wowed by the amount of hardware that graces the dash and boot of the Smart Studio, the smallest mobile TV studio ever.

The Smart Studio is a rolling video rig that Smart is using to produce and promote a fashion and lifestyle video series that takes place inside and around the vehicle. There are six camera mounting points around the vehicle's cabin (we counted four across the dashboard, one in the footwell, and one in the rear backlight), and one mounting point on the bumper. The producers are able to attach up to five cameras at a time to send video to the trunk.

Smart Studio rear
An array of video storage and editing equipment fills the ForTwo's diminutive boot. Josh Miller/CNET
Smart studio exterior
The Smart ForTwo is one of the smallest cars available today. Josh Miller/CNET

After reaching the trunk, the video data is stored on one of five storage devices. Later, the producers are able to cut and mix the video using an array of video-editing hardware, all from the trunk of the parked Smart.

That's a lot of equipment crammed into what is also one of the smallest cars on the market. You can check out the resulting videos on the Smart Studio TV Facebook page.