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Small aesthetic, tech updates underpin 2017 Cadillac CTS

The ATS is also receiving some updates, but we told you about those already.


You'll only notice the change if you remember what the old grille looks like.


Earlier, I outlined the changes coming to Cadillac's entry-level vehicle, the ATS, for the 2017 model year. It was rather major, reshuffling equipment and completely removing one engine option. The updates for the larger, 2017 Cadillac CTS, on the other hand, are quite small.

The most prominent changes to the CTS involve its aesthetics. On non-performance CTS models, there's a new grille design in the front fascia. Out back, the rear's been updated with vertically oriented exhaust outlets and adjustments to the valence panel (the bit of trim just above the exhaust). The grille change does not apply to the hopped-up CTS V-Sport or the Corvette-engined CTS-V.

The only CTS-specific tech update for 2017 is in the rearview mirror, of all parts. Now, you can opt for Rear Camera Mirror, which replaces your standard rearview with a screen that displays what the rearview camera sees (it can still function as a standard mirror, as well). This started out on the flagship CT6, and has now trickled its way down to CTS.

Other, non-model-specific updates include the addition of a Carbon Black sport package, as well as two new paint colors and some new wheel designs. Those are available on both ATS and CTS. Cadillac's oft-maligned Cue infotainment system also adds new standard features, including the MyCadillac mobile app and Teen Driver, which helps reinforce safe driving habits for the young'uns.


Vertical exhaust outlets aren't always an aesthetic home run, but they're pretty understated in this application.

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