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Skydeck concept: Honda's hybrid van of the future

What if instead of just looking like a van, the Honda Insight actually was a van?

Honda Skydeck concept, now with scissor doors AND slidey van doors!
Only in the magical world of concepts can a van get away with not having a B-pillar. Honda

What if instead of just looking like a van, the Honda Insight actually was a van? That's the general idea that I'm getting from the Honda Skydeck, a minivan concept that will debut at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

In so many words, the Skydeck looks like the CR-Z concept ate a current-gen Honda Odyssey. The face has the same, futuristic large mouthed bass look of the CR-Z, but the form factor is all van.

However, the aesthetic isn't all that the Skydeck borrows from Honda's hybrids, as a large "Hybrid" badge lets us know that this white van will be powered by some variant of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist hybrid technology. Hopefully, it will be paired with something a bit more potent than the 1.3-liter gasoline-powered mill from the Insight. A nice small-displacement turbodiesel would turn those translucent green wheel nicely, but that's just wishful thinking.

This is a wild and crazy concept and standard front-hinged doors just wouldn't do, so Honda has designed the Skydeck with both scissor-style front doors and sliding van rear doors. Once inside, you'll be able to marvel at the sky through the glass roof, while you recline in any of the three rows of floating wood seats. If you happen to find yourself in the driver's seat, you can also ogle the Tron-esque instrument cluster or the dash mounted auxiliary displays.

Of course, Honda is keeping tight lipped about all engine, power, and efficiency details. I suppose it has to keep some surprises to be revealed at the show.