Sizzling, civilized Audi RS7: Rubber-burning tech toy (CNET On Cars, Episode 23)

Secrets of the black box, CNET's favorite car cameras, Top 5 car navigation features, and the civilized, sizzling Audi RS7.

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Brian Cooley
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We received a lot of e-mail asking about the gear we use to shoot cars. In this episode we take you behind the camera to see what we use and how we use it. With so many people shooting great amateur auto video these days, I hope this segment gives you some useable information on the lay of the land beyond just CNET's work.

The XCAR team in London has a great video of the new Audi RS7 for us. The 7 line has been a big hit for Audi, and, combined with the RS performance level, makes for what some think is the ultimate Audi on the market today.

The latest news is that all new cars sold in the U.S. should have a "black box" data recorder installed by September 2014 under new federal regulations. With that in mind we procured one, opened it up, and show you what's inside and what it records about your driving. It's a fascinating look into the possibly intrusive future of car tech.

Our Top 5 is an important one for those of you shopping for a new car: Top 5 navigation features. This is the short list of things I look for in a nav rig on every car we get in for review, along with a few features they tout that I could not care less about.

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