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Six-wheeled Porsche 928 pickup

Result of Harry Thoma taking axel grinder and unique design philosophy to perfectly respectable Porsche 928 GTS: a creation turning heads on Germany's streets.

If you're worried by the prospect of the forthcoming Porsche Panamera sedan, you might want to look away now.

Not content with his existing collection of exotic sports cars, Harry Thoma decided to take an axel grinder and his unique design philosophy to a perfectly respectable Porsche 928 GTS.

The result is this six-wheeled abomination creation that, unsurprisingly, has heads turning on the streets of Germany. In addition to the enhanced bodywork, the three-axle flatbed also gets an engine upgrade from a 5.4-liter to 6.1-liter plant to assist with the extra weight.

While you might take issue with Harry's assertion that the car is "definitely still a Porsche 928," Porsche itself appears to have been more sympathetic. According to a translation of his interview, Porsche actually intervened to ensure that the vehicle received authorization from Germany's technical inspection agency.

Via Autoblog