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Sirius XM Satellite 2.0 coming to cars in 2013

An auto manufacturer is expected to integrate the next-generation Satellite 2.0 radio in vehicles in 2012 for the 2013 model year.

Sirius XM confirmed that it will be rolling out its satellite radio 2.0 technology starting at the end of the year. Two new SXM 2.0-equipped radios will start the launch, and early next year one auto manufacturer will release a 2013 model year vehicle equipped with the new technology, according to an article in CE Outlook.

Satellite 2.0 is Sirius XM's next-generation product, and its answer to Internet radio products. The company's new Android platform integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Internet technology, will enable OEMs, including auto manufacturers, to update software without requiring hardware upgrades, the article reports. Of course, you'll need a head unit that uses the SXM 2.0 platform to take advantage of that benefit.

Sirius XM confirmed earlier speculation that it will offer personalized music choices as a way to compete with Pandora's ability to build customized channels. CE Outlook reports that the new system will also offer subscribers up to five hours of time-shifting on most channels, additional channels to help target the Hispanic market, and on-demand programming.

Source: CE Outlook