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Outrageous New Turbo Study Is Singer's First Reimagined Porsche 911 Cabriolet

This 964-based restomod is a tribute to Porsche's iconic 930 Turbo.

Front 3/4 view of a red Singer Reimagined Porsche 911 Turbo Study Cabriolet
This rules.
Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design has been making "reimagined" Porsche 911s for more than a decade, but it has never produced a true convertible -- until now. Making its debut at Monterey Car Week is the new Singer Turbo Study Cabriolet, a droptop version of the 930 Turbo tribute Turbo Study that was first revealed earlier this year.

The Turbo Study Cabriolet was dreamt up in response to high demand from customers. Like the normal Turbo Study, Singer uses the 964 generation of the 911 as a basis, though here the starting point is a 964 cabrio. It's designed to mimic the look of the original 911 Turbo, though the Singer has lots of modern touches like air vents integrated into the stone guards and LED lights. The shape of the old 911's power-operated convertible top is intact, and it looks great paired with the Turbo Study's updated "whale tail" spoiler design.

The convertible roof is powered.

Singer Vehicle Design

This particular Turbo Study is an actual customer's car, and the spec is pretty awesome. It's finished in Cadiz Red with black Fuchs-style wheels and a classic 930 Turbo scheme, but the interior is even cooler. The black leather interior is accented with black and red plaid fabric inserts on the door panels and seats, and there's red Black Forest wood trim on the dash, center console and doors.

The owner of this red cabrio went for rear-wheel drive and the 510-horsepower tune for the Turbo Study's twin-turbo engine, though customers are able to spec all-wheel drive, and the engine puts out 450 hp as standard. Other options include carbon-ceramic brakes (fitted to this car as well), a sportier suspension setup and a sport exhaust system. A six-speed manual transmission is the only option, and the Turbo Study comes with traction control and ABS.

More cars need plaid seats.

Singer Vehicle Design

No price is given for the Turbo Study Cabriolet, as every one of Singer's creations is totally customized to the owner's desires, but you can probably expect six zeros on the window sticker. Singer says its new convertible is an important model for the growth of the brand, especially now that it has finished building the original Classic Study models and is well underway to completing the 75-unit run of the DLS.

Now Singer just needs to do what Porsche won't and release a Turbo Targa, which would be the ultimate 911.