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Silverstone Classic 2009: Upside Down on the Track

Silverstone Circuit hosted the last event of Classic Endurance Racing's season this last weekend, but the British raceway plays host to a variety of racing events. Today's video documents the unfortunate demise of a Mini on the during the Silverstone Cla


Toward the end of last week, I previewed the final race of the 2009 Classic Endurance Racing season that took place this last weekend at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire, England. I was hoping to find some footage from the actual race that featured victor Bobby Rahal in his Lola BDG, but to my surprise there was no such video on the web. Sigh.

So I began tooling around Silverstone Circuit's official website to see what motorsport events they hold at this historic track. Through my web surfing, I came across what it is known as the Silverstone Classic, an annual event that's been around since the 1990s. The Silverstone website perhaps best describes the event as a "three day celebration of motoring excellence, which sees eight decades and arguably Europe's largest gathering of classic racing cars". Indeed, the Classic features a seemingly endless parade of classic racing and sports cars of European origin, along with open pit garages and other fanfare for its attendees.

This year's edition of the Silverstone Classic, held in July 2009, boasted over 20 different races in 2 days featuring different a variety of car styles, makes and models. The web video you're seeing here came from the most recent edition of the Classic featuring lots of oh-so British Minis going 'round the track. Unfortunately, one of these Minis takes a turn (literally) for the worst and ends up tipping over on its side and comes crashing to the asphalt top-down. If this driver is a professional race track driver, then it's an accidental happening that comes with the job. If this driver is an amateur, well...this is why race car driving is best left to the professionals.