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Shelby American relaunches the Shelby GT Mustang for 2019

With a bunch of styling tweaks and a little extra performance, it could be the answer to your dad's case of late-middle-age ennui.

Shelby American

Do you or a loved one really, really love the Ford Mustang? Does the mere mention of a certain Texas chicken farmer and early Chili's investor get you hot under the collar? Do you have $62,000 or more just laying around for spending on a car. If you answered yes to all three of those questions, then Shelby American has a treat for you. It's bringing back its Shelby GT models with a big celebration at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. What exactly is a Shelby GT?

Shelby American starts by taking a Ford Mustang GT and then whacking a bunch of styling bits onto it, making it more aggressive and 'Merican and less like the almost-European sports car that the Mustang has become. It then adds a few small performance tweaks namely a new exhaust system that bumps power output to 480 horsepower from 460.

The 2019 Shelby GT is available as a coupe or a convertible and with manual or automatic transmission.

Shelby American

If that sounds like a crazy reason to tack on an additional 20 grand to the price tag of a Mustang, then you are not this car's target demographic. The Shelby name means a lot to a lot of people and this represents one of the best ways to get yourself into a Shelby car with a warranty short of finding a Dodge Shelby Omni GLHS languishing forgotten in the back lot of some lonely CarMax. Or, you know, buying a Ford Shelby GT350, but that demands a lot of sacrifice in terms of comfort and convenience that the Shelby GT doesn't.

The Shelby GT can be had as a fastback or a convertible and buyers can choose to fit their car with either a six-speed manual transmission or Ford's 10-speed automatic. Buyers can also opt for the GT-H model which is inspired by the 2005-2006 Hertz rental specials (and definitely not the famed GT350-H model of the 1960s) of same name and which come in either black or white with gold stripes and optional gold wheels.

Inside, the Shelby GT is mostly standard Mustang save for some embroidery and a numbered plaque on the dash.

Shelby American

"The 2019 Shelby GT exudes serious sex appeal," said Gary Patterson, Shelby American president. "We designed a gorgeous car to make any drive an adventure with thrilling performance and dynamic handling. The Shelby GT can gobble up miles on a road trip or rip up the corners on the track. It is equally fun cruising to the beach or to the office. Plus, this is the only naturally aspirated V8 Shelby car that can be optioned in convertible and with an automatic transmission. Enthusiasts will love to drive it all day, every day."

So, if you just sold your app and you're wondering what to get your dad for Christmas, skip the Maui Jims and Tommy Bahama shirts this year and maybe drop come coin on a slice of modern nostalgia in the form of a Shelby American GT.