​Super sexy, super sedan: AMG GT Concept debuts with 800 horsepower

Mercedes-AMG says its hybrid concept will sprint to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds... and look fantastic doing so.

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Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

The Mercedes-AMG performance brand pulled the wraps off of an obscenely beautiful concept grand tourer at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show. The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is a low-slung, fastback sedan with a design that echoes AMG's GT supercar and an electrifying hypercar powertrain.

The long sedan features a low-slung, coupe-like profile with a fastback rear end that hides a lifting tailgate, a configuration that's sure to put it squarely in the Audi RS7 and Porsche Panamera's crosshairs -- or, considering the specs, put them in the AMG's sights.

The exterior aesthetic marries a bold Panamericana grille at the GT Concept's front end with a rear end inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT coupe production model. Between the two ends is a slim midsection with a very S-Class-esque pillarless window graphic.

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Beneath the flowing curves is an F1-inspired EQ Power hybrid powertrain.

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The concept is a gorgeous sedan, and its best angles are probably the front-quarter, where the strong fascia and smooth roofline can be observed, and the profile, where the unbelievable length is accentuated. When viewed from the rear quarter, the Concept's big booty is perhaps over-accentuated and seems a tad too large. However, I do admire the tidy tail lamps, rear vents and undertray diffuser that integrates the center exhaust.

Beyond the broad strokes, the GT Concept features some cool styling details. I'm particularly digging the tiny "mirror cam" pods mounted low on the front fenders in lieu of the conventional A-pillar mirrors.

EQ Power+ hybrid powertrain

The mirror cams give us our first hint of what's beneath the GT Concept's sculpted hood with their "EQ Power+" graphics. That designation was first used on the W08 EQ Power+ Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Formula 1 car and will be given to all performance hybrids in the Mercedes-AMG lineup going forward.

That's right. The GT Concept is a hybrid. Its engine room mates a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine with Benz's 4Matic all-wheel drive system. A powerful electric motor situated on the rear axle helps boost the acceleration and provides independent torque vectoring to the rear wheels while cornering. AMG estimates total system output at "up to 805 horsepower" and claims the GT Concept will sprint to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Considering that this is large sedan with a presumably heavy hybrid battery pack, it's gotta be pushing some serious pound-feet for that sort of acceleration.

Mercedes-AMG GT super-sedan concept debuts in Geneva

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On the greener side of the performance formula, the AMG GT Concept features three operating modes to toggle between: pure electric, pure combustion engine or a blend of the two.

With the production-ready, 680-horsepower Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid debuting nearby, the 2017 Geneva Auto Show boasts no shortage of hybrid super sedans. Let us know if you prefer the Porsche or the Merc, and stay tuned to our coverage of the show for more details.