SenseHUD adds voice interaction to head-up display

Startup SenseDriver has announced a new aftermarket head-up display that integrates with your smartphone and offers voice command interaction.

Wayne Cunningham Managing Editor / Roadshow
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Wayne Cunningham
SenseDriver Technologies

SenseHUD is an aftermarket head-up display, which projects navigation, phone and audio information. SenseDriver Technologies

Head-up displays (HUDs), which project useful driving information such as speed and turn-by-turn directions in easy view on the windshield, have been gaining in popularity of late, with more automakers putting a HUD on their option lists. Now, a Boston startup named SenseDriver Technologies has announced an aftermarket HUD for existing cars.

Unlike optional HUDs offered in cars, SenseDriver's SenseHUD integrates with the driver's smartphone, using it to power navigation and calculate speed.

SenseDriver notes that you'll have to install an app, then place your smartphone in the SenseHUD device to make it work. The app integrates navigation, contacts and media from the phone. You interact with SenseHUD with your voice, using the device's agent software, named Hudson.

You should be able to request directions to a destination, control audio playback, and initiate phone calls with a contact's name.

The device seems similar to Navdy, an aftermarket HUD announced earlier this year. SenseDriver lists a price of $99 for the device, which converts to around £65 or AU$120, and will be demonstrating it at CES 2015.